WP Local Mobile – New Feature


Here’s a short video illustrating the new, powerful feature we just added to the WP Local Mobile WordPress plugin.

Now you can add HTML content – text, embed video and images – on the mobile home page, either above or below the “Click to Call” button.

This is a feature that many of our customers requested. Now you’ve got it!

More About WP Local Mobile

WP Local Mobile is the perfect mobile site solution for many small businesses. It’s easy to use and creates professional looking mobile sites for any business that is using WordPress.

The power comes in the simplicity. Many mobile site solutions tend to make things much more complicated then they need be. We say, “why make things difficult when they don’t have to be?”

To see if WP Local Mobile is the right solution for you click the link below:

Click here to learn more about
WP Local Mobile

Feel free to share any thoughts below…

Hi Mark,
No extra hosting is needed. It is a WordPress plugin so it works with the existing WordPress site. Of course, if its not a WordPress site then the plugin will not work.


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