The 7 Highest Paid Consulting Services You Can Offer

Client Acquisition

Ever wondered what services you can offer to your local business clients that will make you the most money?

Services that will allow you to collect $5,000 per month… $10,000 per month… Even as much as $15,000 per month from EACH client that hires you?

This is all possible when you focus on the 7 most profitable services to offer your clients.

According to my man Luther Landro the top 7 are listed below.

But here’s the coolest part of all this…

Luther has been using personal, ‘non-sales’ emails to book consulting clients on these services. After thousands of emails, and countless hours of trial and error, he has found the 7 services that business owners are the most receptive too, and will pay the most money for.

Here are the top 7 services you should be offering:

  1. Reputation Management – More and more people are using Yelp these days, and businesses with bad reviews are DESPERATE for help, and will pay anything to improve their online reputation.
  2. SEO – Every business wants to be at the top of Google’s results. Luther’s secret: he ONLY offer’s local, and video SEO services. Much easier to service, with little competition.
  3. Video Marketing Service – Creating videos and ranking them in Google for a business owner is a fast way to make cash, and a cheap service to outsource (while doing wonders for your clients)
  4. Mobile sites – Thousands of businesses (especially restaurants) have websites that still don’t work correctly on mobile devices. Finding them is easy, and selling them is a no brainer once you show them how bad their site really looks on a mobile.
  5. PPC ad management – Businesses spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising. In most cases they don’t have a clue how to do it properly, and YOU can collect a portion of their ad spend to help them run their campaigns.
  6. Social Media – There are business owners out there who are social media junkies… They LOVE posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and will throw money at anyone who can help them increase their fanbase. Find just one of these ‘junkies’ and you will have a client for life.
  7. Lead Generation – THIS is the highest fee service you can offer. You can do this service in many different ways. Sell leads individually, sell them to several different businesses in the same niche, create lead-gen sites and rent or sell them, plus more.

All of these services can be sold over email IF you take the right approach.

Luther has put together a template pack… A series of done-for-you emails designed to sell each of these 7 services to business owners cold.

These emails take a ‘non-sales’ approach. That means you will never have to deal with rejection, and only work with clients who say YES and are able to pay your fee.

Find out more about these templates, and see some examples here:

=> Click here to download these email templates

The most important part of using cold emails to book clients is finding the clients you send them too.

Luther’s emails are getting a 50% response from business owners because he sends the emails to prospects who NEED the service.

This is easier than it sounds… There are simple ‘Google search hacks’ that can uncover businesses who need each of the 7 services listed above.

Luther has included a detailed guide on how to find these businesses, and a list of my best lead sources along with these templates so you can get started reaching out to prospects today.

Send out 5-6 emails a day, and you will have a new client by the end of the week:

=> Click here to download these email templates

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