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PLR Products

PLR stands for "Private Label Rights". What that means is I have created these products in a way that you can claim them as your own - as if you created them yourself - and can then sell them to your offline local business clients.

The biggest benefits of using PLR products are that you save a ton of time and massive amounts of money because you do NOT have to create them yourself. All you have to do is a little customization to make them your own. Using PLR products literally saves you at least 95% of the amount of time you would otherwise be creating these products yourself.

Using quality PLR products, like what you will find here, is one of the biggest game changers for smart marketing consultants.

Checklists, Templates and Short Reports

This product section contains several high quality checklists, templates and tools you can use to help grow your business.

The products in this section are NOT PLR products but one's you can use in your own business and you can take that knowledge and help your clients as well.

Training Courses

Many of our customers asked that we provide them "how-to" training on several key strategies to help them grow their business as fast as possible. This section will help you do just that.

Why Should You Buy My Products?

Drew LaughlinIn short, because I've been there, done it and still doing it. I am an active local marketing consultant. But I also coach other marketing consultants and help them grow their business.  Lastly, I am a product creator. Most of my products are created specifically for local marketing consultants to use in their own business.

Over the past few years I have created over 50 PLR (Private Label Rights) products that several hundred consultants use every day in their business. I survey my consultant customers regularly to understand the challenges they are facing and to know exactly what they need right now that will help them most in their businesses. Then my team and I create products that fit their needs.

I pride myself on providing not only world-class products but also top quality service. You can rest assured that we will be here when you need us.

Look What a Few Customers Had to Say...

I got the original version when it first came out and used it to present to a number of business groups. It was well designed and easy to follow. I'll bet the newest version is even better yet. And the price... my time is far too valuable to create anything like this when its already done and ready to use for next-to-nothing. (No, I did NOT get a review copy. Paid full price for mine and have no regrets.)
Mark M.
Mark M.
Hey Drew, Looks like we got another awesome product here. If I was Get Smart, this would be my Shoe Phone. Thanks man.
Andrew M.
Andrew M.
I am truly glad I was able to find and buy your product as it will make my new business much easier to launch! Offline is something I have wanted to start for a long time, and you will make all the difference.
(Nice blog by the way!)
Darryl S.
Hey Drew, Another great product. I wish I'd thought of this; however, I'd rather pay you for the time and energy you've saved me! Looking forward to putting this puppy to work right away.
I wish all offer would be like this one , transparent, no OTO , upfront option to buy all extra material. Thanks this is A
Carlos R.
Carlos R.
I've purchased a few of Drew's products now and the quality is excellent and the usability is amazing. Easy to setup/modify yet pretty much complete as is. Thanks for another excellent tool I can use in my offline local business arsenal!
This is one of those "No Brainer" decisions. It would cost a small fortune to produce this quality of content. Even sitting down and thinking it through to produce a presentation like this would take a lot of energy and creativity. It is much faster to simply adapt and go.
Keith A.
Just got this and went through it --- WOW what an over-deliver product. I do offline and this will definitely help me get my foot in the door -- nothing better than offering completely FREE step-by-step instructions on how your clients can do strings.... but 8 out of 10 clients will ask you: "I don't have the time to do this --- What would you charge me to do this?" BADA-BING BADA-BOOM!!! And 80 slides in this PowerPoint Presentation ---- it would have taken anyone 40 hours to research and put this together... Thanks Drew --- GREAT PRODUCT!!