Offline Webinars – Good or Bad Idea?

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I’ve been thinking about this as well. My wife is a massage therapist with a very unique market, and it makes me friends with chiropractors, doctors and acupuncturists. I do think offline webinars would work for offline businesses in so many great ways. I also have no idea,but I’d be very interested in helping to figure it out. No doubt in my mind that there is definitely a need here.


Webinars Totally ROCK!

“Automated Webinar EVENTS” Rock even harder cuz they continue to produce results for the initial investment and that is always a good thing!

Kinda’ the ‘definition’ of massive, passive, on-growing, reoccurring, residual income isn’t it?! Hehehe! – Accept THIS (Automated Web EVENTS) is a pretty simple way to keep adding ‘money on demand’ into the supply & demand loop! (PLUS you get PAID to do them as well! – – Whoo Hoo!)

The DEAN of Success


I think there is great merit in that if you can get the business owner over the technical mental blocks… I would probably charge an up front setup fee and then a back end based on either flat rate ongoing marketing, or incentive based for each new customer I bring through that channel.

A while back I purchased a different auto webinar program (click my link if you desire) but I have not used it for local businesses at all. Ryan’s content is impressive, and I will follow along as well in the hope of discovering another solid opportunity to profit.



Hey John!

Thanks for sharing. First, I did click on your link and I already have that same one. haha I haven’t used it yet because I’m still trying to figure out the best way to attack this opportunity.

Pricing is something we’ll certainly need to test, etc. It could go one of two ways IMO. 1) Large up front for setup, etc and smaller recurring to keep them on board. or 2) Small up front and then larger recurring. If it works well for the business then option 2 is a winner!

Hi Drew,

Love your idea! I can think of several businesses that could profit from such webinars: HVAC contractors, wedding planners, many alternative medical service providers besides chiros, financial planning, etc., etc.,

I think it will be important to keep in mind that people want short and to the point information. Often the webinars I attend, within the internet marketing scene, are way too long.

Thought: with mobile marketing on the steep rise, short mobile-friendly webinars (or would they be called “mobinars”?)is another option.

Please keep me posted. I’d love to brainstorm with you.

“Mobinars”!!! I love it. You’re so right about straight, to-the-point information. Sometime I forget that! 🙂

Thanks for sharing.

I believe this would be a great way for a prospect to receive information about a business’s service (without being sold to), an excellent way for the business owner to position themselves as an “authority” and separate themselves from a pack of competitors, and an ideal way for you to provide a unique service that will most certainly create an opportunity for you to provide additional services.

I really like the idea. I can see how after doing several of these with the business owners, it would become increasingly easier for you to sell.

This could be off the fo’hizzle. (My apologies, I couldn’t help myself).


Hi Drew from Manchester, UK
I’ve been following another Webinar program, which teaches both live and auto webinar technology & techniques.
I’ve begun to work on exactly the same idea that you talk about in the video above. So if nothing else you have given me a confidence boost that I might be on the right track.

My thoughts so far have centred on working with “experts”, primarily service professionals, who need help in getting their message out for both their service offerings and also creating info products, etc out of their knowledge.

So yes – I think it’s a real idea which needs some work out in the field – it’s got to be the way forward for anyone who currently does seminars as the cost savings and increase in reach are very significant.

Great insight Simon!! Thanks for sharing. Please keep me in the loop as how things work out for you. I’ll be sure to keep you and everyone else informed as well.

I, personally, would not be the one to host the webinars. I’m not interested in doing that at this time. That’s one of the reasons why I recommend Ryan’s website.

It probably needs to be explored more but the consultant would be the one to host the webinars. For the biggest reason, recurring revenue!

Hi Drew,

I think this is a good idea. I agree with the concept of using this to showcase a person as an Expert.

The video series you pointed us to shows how to lead to a sale. Not clear to me that you would want these to do that. More on the order of lead people to be more comfortable talking to the “expert” because they can see/hear that the expert understands the issues involved.

Would like to be involved with this. Please let me know how.


Hey Chuck!

Great point. I think it could go either way depending on the service provided. It would be easy to build the expert status and at the end have a call to action to get an XX% discount if they place an order within XX amount of time.

Thanks for sharing!

I think it is a good idea. One of the challenges is will the people you are trying to sell this to know what a “webinar is?” If not this can be a big time challenge. I think having some educational information to help people promoting this would be vital. You do nice work with your previous educational materials but this would be very important. I also believe the webinar would have to be either very cheap at the beginning once people see the value and than the price could increase. Now the speaker would have to be educated as well so having some quideline for the end user would be very important.

Hi Drew,

I have been auditioning both services and scripts for automated webinars for over 60 days now. This is the next hot concept, expect to see a flood of IM people offering it in various stripes and colors.

Does the automated webinar, which is essentially a fake-out to the viewer, really work? I am finding big Yes’s and some Big No’s but not much in the middle

For the concept to work, the deliver system and content must fulfill the “one-time event mentality’ or it flops. The fake-out in other words, must be effective and really satisfy the viewer that this an event.

I suppose it depends on the level of experience, but for many viewers it comes across as a cheesy attempt to mislead.

Yep… and this is mostly dependent on the system you are using. Some are much better at mimic-ing the human attributes so the look-and-feel actually works, but very few reach this status.

The scripts deliver pretty dismal results. The higher-end services better, but it still comes down to concept and content

Concept is Key

Okay. Ready for this. If I wanted to know about getting a cheap mortgage loan, you might entice me to watch a 60 second video, but I’m not going to sit through a webinar… much less go through the registration process and plan my week around the “event”.

But if you are going to teach me how to make millions on the foreclosure market because you have a system with proof, then I might want the webinar.

The market need must fit the concept of webinar/scheduled event, or it just doesn’t work.

Automated webinars will be tricky for offline businessess. A chiropractor might seem perfect for a 20 minute webinar on relieving back pain… but the reality is those interested in the topic have an urgent need for relief, not education.

A nutrition expert or personal trainer might have a different marketplace. I suspect that is so.

The Take-Away

Be very careful choosing the system if you want a complete “fake-out” event automation.

Take some time researching and testing the target marketplace(surveys, polling)before making the investment.

The “investment” of producing a video and then setting it up for automated recurring scheduling is considerable in time and money.

Me? I’m leaning toward a hybrid approach to automated webinars to my target markets. A good “Event “Replay that doesn’t go overboard with the fake-out. We have successfully created a short video with a Host and a Guest Expert running through slides/screenshots that worked to educate and sell.

No attempt made to make it look like a live event except it was on a schedule for time/date/day with a simple registration process

I am educating a hungry target market with a low patience threshold. They are somewhat sophisticated. I don’t go into false scarcity(only 3 left) or other tactics. Just educate, explain, sell benefits, and give them a simple discount code offer.

Summary for My Experience

The single biggest benefit… that the “webinar” requires a registration and I get the email for the followup series

I would not get the email addie with a 20 minute video on site or at YouTube. But I do with a registration for an event. Even if it is a replay

The event-replay-automated-webinar concept works for the right target markets.

The appeal is undeniable. This does convert very well to the List and to immediate sales you might otherwise have to work much harder for.

Local businesses? A hard call since it requires a larger investment and a lot of time.

Hey Drew,

Sure can see how Eg. local European wasp Eliminator ect could use such a product first they could give free tips how to deal with such a problem and then they can give there pitch at the end for interested customers to follow up.

I concur. This is a wide open field and it is going to be filled by someone. Why not you/us? Anything I can do to help?

Ethan Hale

Hope all is well, Merry Christmas to you & your family.
I have thought about this for several months, but am concerned about the amount of work involved to make these work. We (in the online world) all know how well webinars work and the fast sales they can help you make, but it again comes down to convincing the offline business owner after you have already spent considerable time and money producing them. I am thinking about looking into it further because I don’t want to go B2B to do sales – way too time consuming, better ways to do it. I would sooner sell less, charge more or do whatever not to spend my time in traffic and being just another pain in the ass “snake oil” salesman that bangs on their door. Some of these biz owners really have their head in the sand about things they don’t “get” or understand. Keep me up to date on this. just to let you know Mike Filsaime also has a webinar platform interestingly enough called the Evergreen Business System he sells for around $500 if you want something to compare to.


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