Never Write Crappy Headlines Again

Content Creation

Ever struggle with writing headline for your blog or emails?

I always do. Or I create a bunch but none seem to be good enough. Even when I use the templates and swipes from Content Creation Made Easy. Granted using CCME makes things ways easier but sometimes I want to mix things up and just write freely.

But how do I know if the headline I come up with is a good one?

With a new, free online headline analyzer I just found.

Not really sure how I found this tool but I’m sure glad I did.

It’s CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool.

I don’t know if it’s the end-all, be-all to headline creation but at least it will give you guidance to whether or not your headline is worth a crap.

Be sure to check it out and test a few headlines.

Then after that go to Content Creation Made Easy and make all your content creation projects, well, easy.

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