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If you’d like to offer your clients a fantastic service, while building loyalty and making some good money, then you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Here’s why…

Recently, a client of mine – a preschool of all things – asked me to help them get their enrollment up. While we did several things for them, one of them was to make sure they were in all the Top Local Online Directories. At the time, they weren’t in any!

To be honest, I really didn’t have anything to give her because this was a service I outsourced. She explained how they would like to try and do it themselves. I hired a freelancer to build me a presentation that I could give her. I gave it to her at no charge. She looked at everything that was involved and said, “Can you just do all this for me?!?!”

That’s how we ended up here…

Today I’m offering you PLR rights to the improved and completely updated 2017 version of the 77-slide PowerPoint presentation that we gave her. This presentation will show your clients, step-by-step how to register their business with the Top 15 Online Directories!

2017 Top Online Directories

I want to invite you to review the complete sales page for 2017 Top Online Directories to see if it would be a good fit for your business like it has been for over 500 other active marketing consultants.

Click here to see what 2017 Top Online Directories is all about.

I’ve purchased both the 2015 & 2016 versions of this and the quality is outstanding and the slides are visually appealing. My USA clients definitely found it helpful in making decisions about where and why they need to be listed in directories and use citation listings, which in turn created business opportunities for my Local Marketing firm.
I’d love to see the changes/differences in this new “updated for 2017” version so look forward to getting access (either early preview or via purchase).
I just wish there was a Canadian version as the bulk of my clients are from Canada. Hoping that down the road this may be a reality.
Thanks for the awesome tools you supply Drew.


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