LGS Sites – Domain or Sub-domain?

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As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover which one kind of URL is best to use: a stand alone domain or a sub-domain.

First off what are the differences between the two?

A domain name is what you typically see when you go to a website. For example, www.leadgensiteprofits.com. The ‘leadgensiteprofits.com’ is the domain name. A sub-domain is a prefix before the domain. Ex., chiropractor.leadgensiteprofits.com. In this case, ‘chiropractor’ is the sub-domain.

A common question we get from consultants who use our LGS Packages is:

“What should I use? A domain for each and every site I setup or can I use a sub-domain?”

The main reason consultants want to put all their sites on a sub-domain is to keep them all together under one primary domain as well as to keep costs down. But there is a big risk in doing that.

Watch the training video to see why…


What Should You Use for Your LGS Sites – A Domain or Sub-domain?

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LGS Training Video 6

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