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Drew LaughlinHey there!

Thanks for interest and support in promoting the MCPLR product(s). You can check out all the details below.

This product is jam packed with world class, pre-made products that are easy to sell!

I truly do appreciate your help and support.

Please let me know if you have any questions or special requests.

Thanks again!

Launch Details

Product: Massive MCPLR Firesale

Launch Date: Whenever it fits into your schedule!

Length: 4-days (Usually best to go from Friday and end Monday at Midnight.)

Commission: 60% (with bump)

Coupon Code: save150 - Be sure to provide your customers with the coupon code - save150 - as that will bring the purchase price down from $247 all the way to $97!

Affiliate Links:

Click here to get your affiliate link for the SINGLE-PAY option

Click here to get your affiliate link for the MULTI-PAY option

(even though you won't need it because the single-pay with discount code is the same as the multi-pay option)

What is MCPLR?

MCPLR is a collection of ALL my PLR products that have been specifically created for offline marketing consultants.

Many of these products have been sold as one-offs. However, this is the first time that I am providing them all together under one site for one low price.

Your customers will get access to over $40,000 worth of world-class PLR that they can use in their business almost immediately.

What's Included?

Here's a highlight of just a few of the powerful products offered. Check out the sales page for more details.

  • LeadGenSiteProfits: Over 50 local niche, pre-made leadgen site packages that include professional reports, videos, autoresponder and of course lead gen site. This is perfect for consultant to sell to local businesses that either do not have a website or see the value in building an email list by giving away a freemium offer. Everything is pre-made and comes with 5-minute install options.
  • Consultant Credibility: This product provides instant credibility in 12 different service offers. Included in each package is professional reports, videos, autoresponder and lead gen site. Everything is pre-made and comes with 5-minute install options.
  • Local Freebie Funnel: This product is similar to LGSP in the respect that it is created for local businesses to build their email list. However, instead of a full report this product offers a 2-page checklist. It also comes with professional videos, graphics and source files to everything. It also comes with a Marketing Kit that makes it easy for the consultant to attract new clients.
  • Plus over 10 more products!!

Affiliate Bonus - Get up to $1,000 Cash!

To help motivate you even more I will pay you a nice cash bonus based on the total number of front end sales you make. Please note that you are eligible for one bonus level only, the highest level earned, based on the table below. For example, if you have 26 sales you would get paid the bonus of $150 thus making the bonus for 10 sales void because you earned the higher level.

Remember you must optin to our email list to be eligible for the commission bump and bonus.

* Eligibility for the Affiliate Bonus is based on total front end sales and runs from Day 1 of the agreed upon promotion date and ends at midnight 4-days after that.

5 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Us

  • We have a great sales page and a tremendous reputation of creating nothing but top quality products. This offer is no different!
  • This sucker will convert! The price point for the front-end is low and makes it a no brainer! Your conversions will be huge!
  • We have deep funnel. You’ll be able to maximize your commissions!
  • We provide world class products and excellent customer service. It is a point of focus for us that we take great pride in. You can trust us to take care of your customers.
  • We support those who support us!! We consistently rank in the Top 10 of affiliate contents for the partners we promote. We will do the same for you!

Look Who's Promoted Us in the Past

David Cisenros
Jason X
Jesse Guthrie
Joshua Kwentoh
Ken Sar
Luther Landro
Guillermo Mata
Bertus Engelbrecht

Matt Bush
Neil Macpherson
Matt Boland
Nick Mancuso
Kerry Knoll
Kim Udell
Reed Floren
Keith Dougherty

Email Swipes

We have found a few things that really increase your income when it comes to a promotion like this. You probably know this already but here goes:

  • Send multiple emails. Especially towards the end when the price is going up.
  • Write your own emails. This is a complete hassle but it is proven that when you write your own emails and tell a short story about the product or what the product will do for them it helps get more clicks.
  • Do a quick video of the product. Again this takes a little time but if you can do it it will increase conversions.

KEY SUCCESS FACTOR: Plug these emails into your autoresponder now, set the date accordingly then sit back and watch the sales come in!

IMPORTANT: These email swipes do NOT mention the bonus. The reason why is because not everyone offers the bonus. If you do decide to offer the bonus just add a line mentioning it or put it in the P.S.

Subject: Something special coming tomorrow


Wanted to give you a quick heads up that I have something very exciting coming for you tomorrow.

I’ve been working with one of the leaders in our industry to give my customers early bird access to his Offline PLR Firesale. This thing is truly awesome!

We’re talking over $40,000 worth of world-class PLR products, specifically created for offline marketing consultants.

It all happens tomorrow so be sure to be on the look out for it as it.

Talk then!

Your Name

P.S. Don’t forget… This deal will only be for available for a very limited time. Like 72-hours or something.

Subject: [NEW PLR] Imagine what you could do with this
 [Offline] Huge opportunity
Subject: [NEW] Offline PLR Firesale


One of the best ways to get started quickly as a marketing consultant is to use high-quality Private Label Rights content.

For the next 3-days you have the opportunity to fill your marketing arsenal with over $40,000 worth of some of the best PLR content in our industry!

What does that mean to you? A HUGE OPPORTUNITY!


A huge problem most consultants have is not having enough time to create the content and products they need to run a successful practice. That ends with this offer!

No longer will you have to worry about establishing yourself as an authority or building credibility, it will be done for you.

No longer will you struggle to create valuable products and services for your clients. These pre-made packages make it easy to hit the ground running.

This MCPLR Firesale includes:

[+] 50 professionally created lead-gen site packages. ALL created for different local niches. These packages include a pre-made lead-gen site, report, videos and autoresponder messages.

[+] 12 consultant credibility packages. All of these are created for a specific marketing service. Each package comes with lead-gen site, report, videos and more. These packages help you establish instant credibility as the go-to expert.

[+] Those two products alone are worth more than $40k if you were to create them yourself.  But you also get an additional 10 more products!!

I could go on and on telling you about the value of this firesale but this email is long enough already. So now it’s time to check it out for yourself.

It get’s even better!

For a limited time, my customers can use the coupon code below and save 61%!

Coupon Code: save150

Don’t wait too long. The coupon code expires in just a few days.

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See you there!

Your Name

P.S. Even if you do not plan to use all the products now, you should still get it as the price will triple in 72-hours.


Subject: RE: [NEW PLR] Imagine what you could do with this
 RE: [Offline] Huge opportunity
Subject: RE: [NEW] Offline PLR Firesale

Hey there!

Yesterday I told you about an exciting new PLR firesale going on specifically for marketing consultants.

Not sure if you had a chance to check it out or not yet but this product is a game changer for any offline consultant that wants to make a difference for their clients.


If you haven’t gotten it yet its probably because you fall into one of two categories:

[1] You didn’t see it yet.

[2] You don’t think it will work for you

If you fall into category one then that’s an easy fix. Click here now. (AFFILIATE LINK) while this price is still low.

If you fall into category two let me explain something to you.

No matter what anyone says, using the right, top quality PLR content can be the easiest and quickest way for you not only build authority in your market fast but have pre-made products you can sell very quickly. Bar none!

So if you’re serious about building a successful marketing consulting business you would be crazy to not want to fill your practice with these proven PLR products.

Please remember, that while its offered at a super low price with my private coupon code (see below) the price will increase dramatically on Sunday at midnight.

So check it out now!

Be sure to use Coupon Code: save150


See ya!

Your Name

P.S. Why are you reading this? Just go to the site already. 🙂


Subject: Quick Reminder About MCPLR Firesale

Hey there!

Over the last couple days I told you about the super product from Drew Laughlin called “MCPLR Firesale”.

I need to stress to you that it is for a limited time only and the price increases to $247 on Sunday at midnight.

Just wanted to remind you to act now to avoid any potential disappointment.

Here’s that link again: (AFFILIATE LINK)

Check it out while it’s still available – I think you’ll like it!

Don’t forget: Get a 61% discount by using the Coupon Code: save150

Have a great day,

Your Name


Subject: [MCPLR Firesale] This ends today

I apologize for sending another email about this but the special offer ends tonight and I want to make sure you’re able to check it out if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget: Get a 61% discount by using the Coupon Code: save150

=> Click here for all the details (AFFILIATE LINK)

Have a great day!

Your Name

Subject: [MCPLR Firesale] Special Deal Ends Tonight

Well tonight’s the night. At midnight Drew will increase the price of his MCPLR Firesale offer to $247.

But you can get it all for only $97 when you use my private Coupon Code: save150

I’ve been telling you how this is a no brainer deal – especially at the low price it’s at currently.


Unfortunately, as promised this deal can not last forever. It ends tonight at Midnight.

Please don’t come to me tomorrow and say you want in. I’ve sent enough emails – probably too many – and have given you enough warning.

Even if you don’t need everything right now you still should check it out because this price is simply too good to pass up.

Be well,

Your Name


Subject: [FINAL NOTICE] Special Deal Ends in 6-Hours

Ok this is it. The last and final email about the special deal for MCPLR Firesale.

=> Get it here (AFFILIATE LINK)

Don’t forget: Get a 61% discount by using the Coupon Code: save150

At this point you either want it or not. Either way is cool with me but I wanted to give you final notice as it ends in a few hours.

Thanks for being on my list and taking advantage of this great offer.

Talk soon,

Your Name


Bonuses You Can Use

The bonus you can use is a set of never-before-released local whiteboard video graphics. These are perfect to use with any of the popular video creators out there like; VideoScribe, EasySketchPro, Explaindio, etc.

IMPORTANT: Once you register using the optin form you will be taken to the page that has the download link for this bonus download.

Review Copies

Review copies are only given to affiliates that sign up for our notification list.


Please contact me via Skype or email.

Skype ID: drewlaughlin

Email: drew[at]laughlinmarketing[dot]com