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Email Marketing

Want to know someone crazy?

I have been using an email autoresponder and building an email list since July of 2005! When I think about it, clearly I’ve done a lot of things wrong because my email list should be much larger. haha!

Anyway, during that entire time I have been with only one company, Aweber.

I love Aweber. The service is super easy to use, very reliable and any time I had a question they were very quick to help.

An autoresponder service is like a sales funnel, you have to have one if you want to run a profitable online business.

But one of the challenges I have on an almost daily basis is coming up with ideas and topics for emails that are relevant to my list and provide value they can use.

Free Email Writing Course

That’s why I love this free offer from Aweber.


They are offering a FREE email writing course where you get over 20 copy and paste templates you can use right now.

The best thing about this is Aweber has analyzed literally millions and millions of emails, shoot maybe billions by now, and they know exactly what the best types of subject lines to use and what to write about to get the highest conversions!!

Using their information is like cheating. Well at a minimum its an unfair advantage.

This course is top notch and I highly recommend it to anyone who is using email marketing in their business. Which should be EVERYONE!

You can get instant access by clicking the link below:


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