Will Google+ Pages Dominate Facebook Fan Pages?

Currently Google+ reports that is has topped 90 million user accounts – and that’s in only 7 or so months.  However, critics are giving fair warning in stating that while the numbers are increasing fast there are no hard statistics to prove user engagement. And to the Social Media gurus that’s what matters most.

Critics also warn that the increasing numbers are due to the automatic Google+ Page creation whenever someone opens or edits a new Gmail account. To me that is a genius way to increase users, however, I personally don’t like being forced to do something. Know what I mean?

In any case, what do you think about Google+ Page and where it is headed?

Do you feel it will be a “MUST HAVE” for your local, small business clients?

Or do you think Facebook will continue to dominate the Social Media scene for years to come?

Share your thoughts below.

What more info?

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Please leave your thoughts and comments below…

I think a lot of the tech people have at least tried Google+, I have dabbled in it, but to be honest… of my unwashed retail Customers and Consultants and Service Providers i think if I mentioned Google plus to them 95% would say Google WHAT?

I’m not cocky enough to ignore Google+, but Facebook is where my Clients perceive their Clients are… and for the most part, I think they are right… (No Insult intended Google!)

On the SEO side… Google is indexing and favorably placing Google Plus Business Page posts… so there is THAT!

They need to really work on getting the general public to use it, then it will have some impact for my Clients.

Thanks John.

The big thing for me is the fact that Google+ Pages “Status Updates” are being ranked organically. That could be a game changer down the road.

I know Google PLus Business Pages are basically an unknown to businesses, but I’m gathering every bit of information to learn how I can begin to market this. Circles, Hangouts, Posts are all a part of Business Pages which may be a unique way to market for us. From a marketing standpoint for our own consulting businesses, hangouts appear to be a great way to get businessowners to join a “webinar” for educational purposes so they can understand ways to market their business. It may start off that WE HAVE TO USE GOOGLE PLUS BUSINESS PAGES TO MARKET OUT BUSINESS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS TO SEE THE VALUE FOR THEIR BUSINESS! I’m still working out how to get the most mileage out of this and Google Business Pages are a go for me.

Hey Jan!

I tend to agree with you that Google+ is pretty unknown at this point. It appears to me that Google is more interested in gaining members via automatic creation via Gmail at this point. However, I have seen an influx of TV ads recently.

I am also trying to figure out how to best use Google+ for my OWN business first and then ultimately translate that to my customers.

I agree, I need to figure out how to use it for my own business first. Then I can translate that to local business owners in the form of teaching them about the platform and how to use it and/or creating & managing accounts if applicable.

Hey Malia!

Exactly! Now if we can have some of those super duper “go getters” – who have already took the Google+ Pages bull by the horns and developed some best practices – post their results for all of us to learn from, that would be awesome! 🙂

I think it will take some time to get traction, but the early signs look good.

I agree with John, most of my clients had never heard of Google+ until I mentioned it to them, so a fair bit of education is needed before they really start battling it out with Facebook.

On a personal note I use Google+ every day and actually prefer it to Facebook. I also prefer the overall layout, look and feel of the dashboard. Have I started using it to grow my business? Not really, it’s more of a networking tool to meet other IM’ers.



Great stuff Des!

Education and understanding is the key isn’t it? Thanks for the feedback on how you’re using Google+ on a personal basis too. I imagine when more and more people start using Google+ it will be a very dynamic networking tool indeed.

See ya!

I avoid Facebook like the plague–I value my privacy. I also avoid Google+. I think SOPA is a possible threat to their existence. In any case, I market very successfully without these “social” sites, but of course it also depends on who your customers are. In general, I stick to the tried and true: email, solid content, and paid ads on Google and elsewhere (not on Facebook, though).

Hey John,

Interesting comments. Not sure SOPA will make it through – at least that’s my hope!

Personally, I feel that ignoring social media leads to missed opportunities. While we all have our opinions, I think its hard to ignore the facts of how powerful social media is in today’s world. But then again, if you’ve got enough biz for your biz then keep rockin’!

I agree. In a general way, if you’re dealing with b to c markets, you can’t really overlook the possibility of using social sites (again, depending on the demographics). I deal mostly with b to b, so social sites (linked-in excepted) aren’t very useful.

I also agree here John.

Social media is only really going to work with B2C clients. B2B clients are gonna be an uphilll struggle. I don’t even make the suggestion anymore. Most of these guys are just getting used to the fact that they can really market themselves through their websites 🙂

While I am not a big fan of Google + at the moment I believe it is important to have for offline clients. Google is clearly trying to tie everything together and I see it as a must for local businesses who are using Google or Youtube as part of their online stragety. We will have to see how it evolves, however I believe ignoring it will cause problems for local businesses in the long run. I am recommending all my clients start playing in this playground. I like the idea of FB pages for local businesses better, but since Google controls search it may very well be more important for some local businesses to have a Google + page before a FB page….just seems wrong typing it even, but it is a new reality. All needs to be tested though!


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