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All my best!

Hey Drew, I bought the remodeling/contractor package you have last night and I still haven’t gotten the product yet, or a response to my question (Do you have other contractor based packages like this)

Give me a call on my cell if you can at 240-274-0300


You come highly recommended from Keith Doughtery on WF and I wanted to chat with you about a lead gen package for my full-service and DIY loan modification business.


Erick Cerda

I am interested in your membership site for local lead-gen. Is there an option to buy out the 2 per month drip feed?

Also, is there a facility on these lead-gen templates for adding content without a lot of mods?

Just bought your wso and really like it.

1. On your membership site do we have access to past lead gen sites?
2. What are this months business for lead gen?
3.What are next months lead gen sites?

Hi, I am looking for a video for this “Generate a Ton of Qualified Leads with the Brand New Offline PLR Video: “Google Marketing Secrets!”
But can’t find it, I was wanting to buy that video for use on my site. Is it still available? Thanks, Mike

I Drew I came across your website, and I have been studying your lead generation sites, which I think are amazing. I’d like to ask you a few questions. Would the contents of your lead generation sites work in the UK, as this is a different market to the US, and can you upload videos to the lead generation sites ie you tube. If everything works out fine you will have me as your customer, because I can see a great
opportunity in what your offering, leasing out these sites. Have you got a lot of customers in the UK utilising your sites.
I hope not lol. Anyway keep up the good work.
I await for your reply

kind regards



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