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Truth About Mobile Sites for Local Small Businesses

Why Local Small Businesses Need a Mobile Site There are 3 critical reasons why a small business MUST have a mobile ready website. People are searching everyday for local businesses on their smart phones These same people leave if the site is not optimized for their mobile phone The people …

Credibility Package

QR Code – Consultant Credibility Package Has Been Released!

Quick announcement that we just released the highly anticipated, “QR Code Consultant” Credibility Package with PLR! We all know how HOT QR Codes are right now.  And pretty soon EVERYONE will be using them.  So now is the time to get a head start on all the other consultants in …

QR Code

QR Codes

Maybe you haven’t heard the term “QR Code” yet but you’ve certainly seen them!  They are popping up everywhere. The “QR” stands for Quick Response.  And these little buggers are all the rage right now.  At least here in the USA.  They’ve been in Japan since the ’90’s.  Sometimes were …