What is the Best Kind of Membership Site to Start?

It’s hard to argue that building your own membership site is one of the absolute greatest ways to make great money as an Internet marketer.

But what is the best membership site to start?

I own several very successful membership websites in different niches.  Whenever I consider building a new one I have three things I always take into consideration.  If the potential site does not fit perfectly in all of them I scrap it and move on to the next one.

Here are the three criteria that are proven to work for me and provide me a very nice income:

Must Be Easy to Maintain

My experience has proven that if a membership site is difficult to maintain that the site owner won’t keep the content fresh and updated.  Therefore the site will have many cancellations and won’t last very long.

On the other hand, if the site is easy to maintain, meaning you don’t have to add content every week or multiple times per week that the site is almost guaranteed to be successful.  It sounds almost like the opposite would be true.  But it’s not.

When you use what’s called an “Automatic Content” site maintenance is not an issue.  In short, this type of membership site sends out weekly lessons to its members once per week via autoresponder.  Once you create the lesson you never have to worry about it again.

Must NOT Be Dependent or Need Membership Site Software or Scripts

Most traditional membership sites use third party software or scripts to run their site.  Usually this means that the site is not easy to maintain.  There is also a huge learning curve to try and figure out the software to be able to use it correctly.  For me it’s not worth it when there is an easier way.  Under very specific circumstances there are a select few membership site scripts and plugins that can make things easier.  One of the best ones is WP Member Champ.  I use this for some of my “Single Pay” membership sites.  However, for my larger sites I prefer to use the more simple method found at MemberSiteIncome.com.

Must Be Able to Run on Autopilot

To me, earning a living as an online marketer means being able to have my business operate in the background so I can make money any time, day or night.  I want my membership sites to be hands off.  I want them to run on autopilot.  If you have to use software or scripts or regularly maintain your site it’s impossible for it to run on autopilot.

On the other side, if you operate an “Automatic Content” membership site it is 100% on autopilot.  So when you’re on vacation or golfing you’re making money.  That’s why you got into this business anyway isn’t it?

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