Youzign 2.0 Review – How to Never use Photoshop or High Priced Designers Again

I recently invested in a software that is going to allow me to stop using Photoshop and never worry about hiring high priced graphic designers again.

Well, Photoshop will always have a place in my business but I’ll admit sometimes I dread opening it up and designing stuff from scratch.

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The Only 3 Ways to Generate Website Traffic

One of the biggest challenges everyone has on the Internet is generating enough traffic to their websites.  Little traffic equals little income. Lots of traffic equals lots of income!

The good news is there are only 3 ways to create web traffic.

  1. Buy It
  2. Borrow It
  3. Build It


Buying traffic simply means you pay someone or something to bring traffic to your website. This can be many, many different things but some of the most common ones are; PPC (Pay-Per-Click) like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, Banner Ads on high traffic sites, Email Ad where you pay someone to place your ad in their email newsletter, plus many, many more. Buying your traffic is a great way to get started fast.  You can literally start to get traffic in a matter of hours or even minutes.  Of course the downside is that it costs money.  But if your offer is good paid traffic can certainly be worth it.


A great way to get traffic is by borrowing it from someone else.  In short, you can have affiliates or joint venture partners send traffic to your site in exchange for a commission. Since they are the one’s that own the list you in a sense are “borrowing” their traffic. And even though you pay them a commission – usually 50% – you only have to pay them after the sale is made.  This way you do not have to take money out of your pocket up front. That’s a good thing.


Building traffic is exactly what it sounds like.  You have to do things to build a bridge from the traffic source to your site. There are hundreds of ways to do this but some of the most common ways are; content on your site that gets ranked high in the search engines through SEO techniques, YouTube videos that link bank and refer back to your site, Facebook Fan Pages that build a following that connect back to your site and posting helpful comments on forums in your market that lead people back to your site.  That’s just naming a few!! As you can imagine building traffic is the one that takes the most time but can also be the most rewarding over time. Once you build enough traffic to your site and maintain it on a consistent basis you can eliminate the other two…

However, I wouldn’t do that and here’s why…


The real secret to traffic success…  doing all 3 at the same time on a consistent basis!

If you can develop a plan and stick to your plan on a consistent basis you will – without a doubt (but no guarantees) generate a ton of traffic to your websites.

In future articles we’re going to talk about each way to generate traffic for your site.  Until then, if you’re interested in the absolute 12 best, easiest and quickest ways to build traffic to your own or your clients sites then check out Web Traffic F.U.E.L!  Some people are calling it WTF! but it’s the wrong WTF. 🙂

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