Brand New, Must Have PLR – Local Video Ninja Volume 5

Great News!

Matt Boland just released an awesome new set of local lead-generation videos and if you hurry you can get them for less than $1.50 each!

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This is a great set of high-quality done-for-you videos that you can turn around and sell directly to local businesses.

You could also use these videos on your own websites or social media accounts and then sell the leads generated from them directly to local businesses.

Either way you decide to use them, you’re going to save a ton of time & money when compared to having them created yourself. (Videos of this quality usually cost $200+ each!)

=> Bill Signed a $1,300 Deal With Matt’s Videos!

Check out that quote above from one of Matt’s customers that bought his last set of done-for-you lead-gen videos and then signed a plumber to a video package that same week!

DFY lead-gen videos are by far one of the easiest ways to generate leads and sign more local marketing clients.

Don’t miss this awesome set.. This is a “launch special” offer for 4 days only. The price is rising each day and on day 5 the price will almost double, so check it out ASAP.

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Proof You Must Use Video in Your Marketing

Awhile back I mentioned how I loved SlideShare. Granted I have created as many as I’ve wanted but I still use it quit often to gather information and learn new things.

Today I wanted to show you a very cool SlideShare that illustrates some facts about the effectiveness of using video in all your marketing. Check it out below.

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Video Survey Results – Are You Surprised?

Last month we did a short survey on the kind of videos you prefer to use in your business. As promised we’re sharing the results.

Before we go over the results there are a few things to consider… 

The first thing to realize is we had over 100 responders. Is that a large enough sampling? I don’t know. I’m not a statistician. However, based on the results I think we could have had 5,000 people respond and things wouldn’t have changed much. Keep reading to see why I feel this way.

Second, we did not drill down and be super specific in what we were looking for. For example, we didn’t specify what type of video we were talking about. Meaning, for our lead-gen sites we use 30-60 second pre-sales videos. It’s our guess that’s the mindset that most of the responders answered their questions – with those types of videos in mind.

It’s also our guess that if we did specify the exact type of video the results would have been a little different.

Here’s why I say that.

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What Kind of Videos Do You Like Best?

We all know that online videos have been a proven way to help build trust, credibility and convert more prospects into customers then anything else!

Video is the perfect way to start building a relationship, to show you’re a trustworthy person and to pre-sell your products and services in a NO PRESSURE way. We all know that people love to buy they just hate to be sold. With videos you eliminate all the initial sales pressure and create a value-based relationship that the prospect appreciates.

But not all videos are created equal. Some are more engaging and convert better than others.

For example, we’ve provide two types of videos for our clients and on our lead-gen sites. One is called the “Image Based” video. This style of video uses relatable images to help emphasis the message in the video.  The other style of video is called “Text Based”. This style of video using the actual text of the video script so the viewer can read along as the video is playing.

Please watch these two short videos for examples of both “Image Based” and “Text Based” videos:

Image Based Video

Text Based Video

We’ve done research on this subject and have discovered a few things. But we want you to help us continue this research by taking this quick 5-question survey.

It will take less than a minute and we have a special surprise for you on the thank you page!

Thanks for your help!

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