Why Your Lead-Gen Site Isn’t Generating Calls

I received a question from a local marketing consultant that I thought you might be experiencing too.

In short, he creates lead-gen sites for local service based businesses. He is currently renting this sites for a low monthly fee. No idea what that fee is as he did not elaborate. And while he has these sites ranked high in the search engines they are not generating a lot of phone calls. [Read more…]

LGS Sites – Domain or Sub-domain?

As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover which one kind of URL is best to use: a stand alone domain or a sub-domain.

First off what are the differences between the two? [Read more…]

10 Quick Start Lead-Gen Site Niches

As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover the 10 niches you can get started with quickly. These 10 niches are certainly not the only ones you can have success with. But since this is one of the most common questions we get asked we thought it would be best to explain them in a video.

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7 Things You Must Do to Maximize Your LGS Site Performance

As part of our ongoing free LGS Consultant video training series we cover the seven things you MUST do to maximize the performance of your LGS sites.

No longer can you simply take a pre-made site, load it on a domain and expect it to generate leads. You need to do a few things to maximize it’s potential and separate yourself from everyone else.

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3 Ways to Make Money as an LGS Consultant

Providing a lead generation service for local businesses is a great way to earn income for your marketing consulting practice. There are many ways you can do it. Some better than others. Some are better fits for different personalities and styles.

In this free video training lesson I show you the three most common – and in my opinion – easiest and best ways to get started in the local lead-gen business.

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7 Steps to Becoming a Lead Gen Consultant

A huge mistake by many marketing consultants is the misconception that small businesses only want us to bring them customers. The truth of the matter is that small businesses want us to bring them leads! They clearly understand that it is their job to turn these leads into customers.

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LGS Training Series – The Why and How of LGS Site Success

dollar-signYesterday a customer sent us an email asking for help addressing some prospects concerns when it comes to using LGS Sites.

Here’s the email:

“What are the conversions of the LGS Sites? The reason I ask is a couple prospects have questioned how effective the site will be for conversion and I have nothing to give them as a response.

The questions I have received are: Are the people who download the report mostly tire kickers or in the early stage of hiring a contractor and not yet ready to buy services?…”

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