Weekly Recap and Special Offers for Week Ending October 14, 2016

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great, productive and profitable week.

There was lots going on for me. Not only did I did extensive research and brainstorming on several new PLR product ideas for you – more on that next week – there were also several powerful offers that came on the market. Most of them I didn’t even mention because, frankly, I don’t think they are worth it.

On the other hand there were a few that were extremely powerful and one’s that I think are worth a look to see if they’re a good fit for your business.

Here they are:

Effortless Consulting Formula 2016

This offer is from Luther Landro and generates $497+ clients by sending one cold email. One of Luther Landro’s coaching students started collecting recurring payments from local business owners for a service that can be outsourced for $5. And yes you can use Fiverr to fulfill this service. This service solves a huge problem business owners have but they don’t even know about it until you send the email. After that they’ll rush to have you solve the problem for them.

=> Click here to see how to collect $497/mth payments

Social Media Marketing Principles

Aurelius Tjin released a brand new PLR package that’s completely done-for-you. It’s called Social Media Marketing Principles.

This package contains everything you need to pre-sell clients into the value of your Social Media Marketing Services

You get all this:

  • High quality ebook with over 60-pages
  • Printable checklist
  • Resource cheatsheet
  • Mindmap
  • Ready-made sales letter and Thank you page
  • Lead magnet and Optin page
  • High quality professional graphics
  • 10x quality articles
  • Promotional email swipes
  • Social media viral image pack
  • Complete PLR rights

Grab your copy right away here:

=> Click here to check out Social Media Marketing Principles PLR Package

Website Analyzer Software

David Cisneros, just released his latest Mobile Lead Gen Page Builder called Website Analyzer. It’s freaking awesome!

This lead page does a “mock” analysis of their site, and explains to them why they need to call you. It’s powerful stuff. Especially for consultants who offer mobile site services.

=> Click here for Website Analyzer

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk more next week.

Brand New, Must Have PLR – Local Video Ninja Volume 5

Great News!

Matt Boland just released an awesome new set of local lead-generation videos and if you hurry you can get them for less than $1.50 each!

=> Check Out The Demos Here

This is a great set of high-quality done-for-you videos that you can turn around and sell directly to local businesses.

You could also use these videos on your own websites or social media accounts and then sell the leads generated from them directly to local businesses.

Either way you decide to use them, you’re going to save a ton of time & money when compared to having them created yourself. (Videos of this quality usually cost $200+ each!)

=> Bill Signed a $1,300 Deal With Matt’s Videos!

Check out that quote above from one of Matt’s customers that bought his last set of done-for-you lead-gen videos and then signed a plumber to a video package that same week!

DFY lead-gen videos are by far one of the easiest ways to generate leads and sign more local marketing clients.

Don’t miss this awesome set.. This is a “launch special” offer for 4 days only. The price is rising each day and on day 5 the price will almost double, so check it out ASAP.

> Click Here to Check out the Videos!

3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Don’t Use Online Directories and What You Can Do About It

Its amazing to me how many local businesses still haven’t claimed their listing on top online directory sites like Google My Business, Yelp and Local.com. Just to name a few.

From personal experience it comes down to three main reasons.

[Read more…]

Credibility Tools – Do You Use Them?

It’s always been said that having a book – in print not just Kindle – is one of the best ways to create instant credibility. And you know what? I agree 110%!!

Since 2009 I have written and published several books. Some under my own name and were Amazon Best Sellers and some under alias names for niche markets. All of them are top quality and provide me with instant credibility. In fact, when I hand someone one of my books you should see the look on their face! It’s like they totally view me in a completely different way. [Read more…]

How Autopilot Profits Helped Close a $30k Deal in 48-Hours

Recently we released a new PLR product titled, “Autopilot Profits for the Local Business”.

This is a powerful product that shows a local business how traditional marketing is not effective as it used to be and how using email marketing with autoresponders can bring in customers on autopilot.

One of our loyal customers put this product into action and it helped him close a $30,000 deal in less than 48-hours!

Let me share the email he sent to me:
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The Power of Online Directories for Local Businesses

When you want to get a bid on a home improvement project or you need to find someone to fix your furnace what’s your first step?

If you’re like me you’ll go online and do a quick search to see what businesses are close. Then you read the reviews to see what others are saying.

Maybe you don’t do it exactly like that but I hope you get the point of this simple example. Which is, people that are interested in solving a problem go online to not only find businesses but read reviews to see if they’re worth a crap.

[Read more…]

I Love Infographics! Watch this 3-minute Video to Find Out Why

I think infographics are one of the most powerful ways to build trust, credibility and your expert status.

I just invested in a product that has a TON of top quality infographics you can use right now to help get customers for your offline consulting business.

It’s called, Infographics Infiltration!

Here’s a quick 3-minute video review of why I like this product and infographics so much. It includes a cool strategy you can use immediately to help your customers!

3 Ways to Use FB Offline Covers to Make More Money

Recently we released a new product that has some killer Facebook Timeline Covers.  In fact, the graphics package comes with 10 covers for some of the hottest offline niches. While this has been a very popular product of ours I wanted to outline 3 ways you can use these “Offline Covers” in your own business to help make more money.

  1. Contact your current customer(s) in that market and offer to setup their Facebook Page (assuming they don’t have one already) – with the new Timeline Cover your just got from us – for $297. Show them the cover image and explain that you will customize to their color scheme, use their logo and any images that they want.  Or you can use as is. But don’t stop there. Be sure to offer them guidance – aka your Facebook Marketing Services – in how to get fans quickly.
  2. Contact your current customer(s) or any NEW PROSPECTS and offer to set up their Facebook Page for FREE – using the new Timeline Cover you got from us.  Then you can offer other marketing services on the backend.  This is a perfect way to get your foot in the door with new prospects.  This is also a fantastic way to build loyalty with your current customers.
  3. For all of your current customers or non-customers that already have a Facebook Page – but it sucks! – you can contact them and offer to customize the Timeline Cover image with all of their info, colors, etc and sell it to them for $27, $47, $97 or more!  This is another great way to get your foot in the door and build some loyalty.

There you have it.  Three super easy, super fast ways you can use these new FB Timeline Covers to help grow your marketing practice.

If you don’t have Volume 1 of our FB Offline Covers package be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

Keep rockin’!

These Products Will be Off the Market

In an attempt to streamline our product offering we are doing a little house cleaning.  We will be taking down all of our “Marketing Consultant Credibility PLR Packages” along with a few other products. While these products will not be gone forever – big announcement regarding that coming soon – they will NOT be available for individual purchase.

In short, this means if you want any of these products NOW is the time to get them!!

Here’s the list of products with a link to the sales page where you can buy them now…


We have completed updated all of our Marketing Consultant Credibility Packages!

All of the MCCPs now have:

  • more powerful WordPress Theme
  • new videos
  • updated reports
  • plus much more!

Click here to check out all the details.

Niche PLR Article Package – Teeth Whitening

As a result of a recent customer survey we released our first “Niche PLR Article Package”. This one is in the Dentist / Teeth Whitening Niche.

What This PLR Package Is

  • 20 brand new, 100% unique Video, Text and Podcast articles for the Local Dentist who offers Teeth Whitening Services
  • Everything comes with PLR rights
  • Perfect for offline marketers, affiliate marketers, info product creators and ANYONE who needs more content for their sites, blogs, podcast, video marketing and whatever else you’re doing online.
  • Offline Marketers can use these articles with their current customers and add them to their site, create a YouTube channel or whatever your heart desires! You can also use them to find new customers by creating a new website and plug all these articles and videos into the site to create “Instant Value” and sell the site to a new prospect!

What You Get

Take a look at the list below of everything you’ll receive when you act today.

20 Text Articles:

  • 20-100% unique articles
  • All articles are over 300 words each
  • The articles come in 2 formats: Word 2003 and .txt

20 Video Articles:

  • 20 Videos: Each article has been converted into Video Articles in the universal MP4 format.
  • A total of over 1 hour of video content
  • BONUS!  You also get ALL 20 PowerPoint Presentations that were used to create the videos!

20 MP3 Audio Articles/Podcasts:

  • 20 MP3 Articles: Each article has been converted into an MP3 file that you can use as a Podcast
  • A total of over 1 hour of audio content

Click here to check out all the details.