Weekly Recap and Special Offers for Week Ending October 14, 2016

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great, productive and profitable week.

There was lots going on for me. Not only did I did extensive research and brainstorming on several new PLR product ideas for you – more on that next week – there were also several powerful offers that came on the market. Most of them I didn’t even mention because, frankly, I don’t think they are worth it.

On the other hand there were a few that were extremely powerful and one’s that I think are worth a look to see if they’re a good fit for your business.

Here they are:

Effortless Consulting Formula 2016

This offer is from Luther Landro and generates $497+ clients by sending one cold email. One of Luther Landro’s coaching students started collecting recurring payments from local business owners for a service that can be outsourced for $5. And yes you can use Fiverr to fulfill this service. This service solves a huge problem business owners have but they don’t even know about it until you send the email. After that they’ll rush to have you solve the problem for them.

=> Click here to see how to collect $497/mth payments

Social Media Marketing Principles

Aurelius Tjin released a brand new PLR package that’s completely done-for-you. It’s called Social Media Marketing Principles.

This package contains everything you need to pre-sell clients into the value of your Social Media Marketing Services

You get all this:

  • High quality ebook with over 60-pages
  • Printable checklist
  • Resource cheatsheet
  • Mindmap
  • Ready-made sales letter and Thank you page
  • Lead magnet and Optin page
  • High quality professional graphics
  • 10x quality articles
  • Promotional email swipes
  • Social media viral image pack
  • Complete PLR rights

Grab your copy right away here:

=> Click here to check out Social Media Marketing Principles PLR Package

Website Analyzer Software

David Cisneros, just released his latest Mobile Lead Gen Page Builder called Website Analyzer. It’s freaking awesome!

This lead page does a “mock” analysis of their site, and explains to them why they need to call you. It’s powerful stuff. Especially for consultants who offer mobile site services.

=> Click here for Website Analyzer

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk more next week.

Google Says Your Site Must Be Mobile Friendly

In the rare case that you haven’t heard Google announced a change to their mobile ranking algorithm which happens today – April 21.

In short, what this all means is that search results on mobile devices will be rank ordered differently compared to what you will see on a desktop. And of course preference will be given to sites that are “mobile friendly.”

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What’s the Difference Between Mobile Sites and Responsive Designed Sites?

My good friend who happens to be a great customer as well, Dino Iannuzzi of MobiGorilla.mobi just published a great article on the differences between mobile websites and responsive designed websites. He also talks about which ones you should use.

I know that many of my customers are confused by this. And since he already wrote a great article explaining the details I thought I should pass it on to you.

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WP Local Mobile – New Feature

Here’s a short video illustrating the new, powerful feature we just added to the WP Local Mobile WordPress plugin.

Now you can add HTML content – text, embed video and images – on the mobile home page, either above or below the “Click to Call” button.

This is a feature that many of our customers requested. Now you’ve got it!

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Truth About Mobile Sites for Local Small Businesses

Why Local Small Businesses Need a Mobile Site

There are 3 critical reasons why a small business MUST have a mobile ready website.

  1. People are searching everyday for local businesses on their smart phones
  2. These same people leave if the site is not optimized for their mobile phone
  3. The people that do stay on the site – because it’s mobile ready – either call or visit the local business over 75% of the time.

A research study released on the Google Mobile Ads Blog on April 26, 2011 stated that:

  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information
  • And of that 95% – 88% of these users take action within a day
  • Furthermore, 77% have contacted the business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business

As you can see, it’s critical for local businesses to have a mobile ready site.

But not all mobile sites and solutions are created equal.

Getting Clear on Mobile Marketing

For some reason people everywhere are making Mobile Marketing something complicated. Whether they’re advising us to use a confusing script or plugin to create mobile sites or if they’re saying, “Hey, don’t create mobile sites at all. Just create an app.”

All their ramblings do nothing more than cause confusion and paralysis-by-analysis. We get so much misinformation that we don’t know which way is up. Much less who to trust when it comes to getting the right info.

Unfortunately there is not one right solution that will solve ALL of our mobile marketing problems. Sometimes a mobile site is the right gig. Other times it might make sense to create an app. Every situation is different.

This is very evident when it comes to local offline businesses.

There are so many people telling us what we should be doing and nearly ALL of it is wrong!!

We constantly hear, “You need a responsive theme.” “You need an app.” “You need to make your entire site mobile friendly.” bla, bla, bla.

Let’s get clear and bust through a few of the most common myths.

Common Myths Busted!

Myth: Local businesses need a Responsive Web Design (or theme)

Truth: First off, let’s define what a Responsive Wed Design is:

According to Wikipedia: a Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

While this sounds great on paper – and in some situations it works great – most responsive sites and WordPress Themes do NOT look professional on a mobile device.  Nor are they very user friendly. Most of the time the responsive theme forces itself to squeeze things together and this causes a user experience that is less than optimal.

With all that being said, the truth of the matter is that local businesses do NOT and should NOT use a Responsive Web Design.

Myth: Local businesses should only use a mobile app and not worry about a mobile site

Truth: Having a mobile app for your local business is a great thing! There are a lot of benefits to having one. However, since when does it have to be one or the other?

Forcing customers to download and use a mobile app instead of giving them immediate access to a user-friendly mobile site does not result in a quality user experience.

If you want to utilize a mobile app for your local business, then by all means do that. But do not waste the tremendous benefits of using a mobile site just because you want to create an app. A mobile site should be priority number one. Then you can move on to phase two – which can be your mobile app.

Myth: Local businesses need to make their entire site mobile friendly

Truth: This one is kind of silly. Based on what we’ve already learned why would a small business ever need to make their entire site mobile friendly?

IMPORTANT: The reality of the situation is that when a consumer lands on a local small business website from a mobile device they are usually – like 90%+ – looking for one-thing. Their contact information! Either a phone number to call or an address they can drive to.

Consumers are NOT looking for the company’s blog, 27 pages of information or a bunch of platitudes attempting to describe how much better they are then the rest.

Again, we are talking about a specific situation – a local consumer looking for a local business. Certainly what we’ve discussed so far would not be all encompassing to every possible scenario out there.  However, when it comes to local businesses I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Imagine this scenario for a second…

A person searching for a local pizza shop, auto mechanic or even a dentist. What is it that they are searching for? Most likely, it’s the business’ phone number so they can call them. In other cases, they may be looking for the address because they can’t find their location. Consumers are NOT looking to read their blog. Nor are they looking to scroll through pages and pages of content that does not mean anything to them.

The bottom line: when consumers search a local business on their mobile device they want to call them or they want to visit them.

For a local business to take advantage of mobile marketing they do not need super sophisticated software, solutions or apps. They need simplicity.

Local Businesses Need Mobile Site Simplicity!

That’s right. When it comes to a mobile site for a local small business, service based business, independent professional and most entrepreneurs – less is more.

They don’t need over complicated solutions to provide what consumers need.

They need a simple solution, that works, that’s flexible and will give the consumer what they want and expect!

Let’s think about it for a second…

If something is over complicated or confusing the likelihood of us actually using the “solution” is very low.

And that’s only the first issue.

The second issue is that most of the complicated solutions are ones filled with a bunch of bells and whistles that do not add value to the customer experience. OR these bells and whistles simply won’t be used anyway. That means the small business is paying extra or higher prices for features that they’ll never use. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Can We Agree On One Thing?

I hope we can agree that when it comes to local small businesses their needs are unique and different then other businesses. At least when it comes to mobile marketing.

Businesses that are web based and generate all their revenue online can benefit greatly from using a Responsive Web Design.  But when it comes to a small local business it just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again,

Local small businesses need a mobile marketing solution that is easy to use and offers the consumer what they need when they need it – the business’ phone number and address.

And now you can provide that to them…

A Quick Introduction to the
Premium WordPress Plugin…


WP Local Mobile was created specifically for local small businesses. Especially service-based businesses, independent professionals and most entrepreneurs.  I’m sure there are plenty more uses but this was the target market.

This plugin redirects users on any mobile device – Ex., smart phone, iPhone, Android, etc. – to a beautiful and professional mobile friendly site.

You can also control the devices that the mobile site appears. For example, for tablets, iPads and Kindles there is no reason to be redirected to the mobile site because the regular site looks great on those devices. However, if for some reason you or your client wants their site to be redirected to the mobile version you can make that happen!

This is a super easy plugin to use and covers all the essentials that a small business needs for an effective mobile friendly site.

Want to learn more about WP Local Mobile? Click here!