NEW PLR – Consultant Funnel for Facebook Ads Marketing

Today we’re launching our brand new PLR package title, Consultant Funnel – Facebook Ads.

This is a complete front-end funnel for marketing consultants who offer Facebook Advertising services to their clients. Or if you’re just starting out and you want to offer FB Ad services you can use this pre-built funnel to save you tons of money and about 95% of your time because everything is done-for-you.

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[FREE BONUS] When You Get “FB Royale”

My good friends Bolaji and Joshua are releasing “FB Royale” today at 3pm EST.

Watch this short video to see what this product is all about. Believe me if you do anything with Facebook this is a total game changer!!

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Will Google+ Pages Dominate Facebook Fan Pages?

Currently Google+ reports that is has topped 90 million user accounts – and that’s in only 7 or so months.  However, critics are giving fair warning in stating that while the numbers are increasing fast there are no hard statistics to prove user engagement. And to the Social Media gurus that’s what matters most.

Critics also warn that the increasing numbers are due to the automatic Google+ Page creation whenever someone opens or edits a new Gmail account. To me that is a genius way to increase users, however, I personally don’t like being forced to do something. Know what I mean?

In any case, what do you think about Google+ Page and where it is headed?

Do you feel it will be a “MUST HAVE” for your local, small business clients?

Or do you think Facebook will continue to dominate the Social Media scene for years to come?

Share your thoughts below.

What more info?

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Please leave your thoughts and comments below…