27 Ideas for Your Next $7 Report

27 Ideas for Your Next $7 Report

There’s no question that a popular and profitable way to make money online is by selling information products. And one good way to do this is by creating an inexpensive front-end report to pull people into your sales funnel.

Once these customers are on your list, then you can sell more products and more expensive products to them. Thus these $7 customers could turn into $100 or $1000 customers!

But first things first: You need to create an enticing report to attract as many people as possible. Here are 27 ideas for your next $7 report…

1. The #1 way to [Get a Benefit]

Example: The #1 Way to Get More Customers.

2. How to Get Rid of [Bad Thing]

Example: How to Get Rid of Bad Online Reviews

3. How to Improve [Good Thing]

Example: How to Improve Your Online Reputation

4. 3 Secrets to [Getting a Benefit]

Example: 3 Secrets to Getting More Leads from Your Website

5. 10 Easy Ways to [Get a Benefit]

Example: 10 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions

6. A Surprising Way to [Get Benefit]

Example: A Surprising Way to Get a Someone Else to Do Your Marketing For You

7. The Quick and Easy Way to [Get a Desired Result]

Example: The Quick and Easy Way to Get More Customers

8. The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to [Completing Some Task]

Example: The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Video Marketing

9. Get the Best [Desired Result] for Your Business

Example: Get the Best Online Reviews for Your Business

10. The [Type of Person]’s Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Small Business Owner’s to SEO Optimization

11. 7 Keys to [Getting a Desired Result]

Example: 7 Keys to Getting on the First Page of Google

12. The Beginner’s Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Beginner’s Guide to Direct Mail Success

13. The Ultimate Guide to [Topic]

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Online Sales Funnels

14. A Crash Course in [Getting a Desired Result]

Example: A Crash Course in Writing a Cash-Pulling Sales Letter

15. What [Some Group/Individual] Doesn’t Want You to Know About [Topic]

Example: What Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know About Generation Leads from Mini-sites

16. [Number] Quick and Easy Steps to [Getting a Good Result]

Example: Three Quick and Easy Steps to a Powerful “About Us” Video

17. 101 Tips and Tricks for [Getting a Benefit]

Example: 101 Tips and Tricks for Building a Lead-Generating Website

18. [Get a Good Result] in [Short Time Frame]

Example: Get More Customers in Just Two Weeks

19. What [Experts] Do When They Want to [Get a Good Result]

Example: What Smart Owners Do When They Want to Fill Their Business With Customers Even on Slow Days

20. Three Ways to [Get a Good Result] That You’ve Never Heard About

Example: Three Ways to Get Website Traffic That You’ve Never Heard About

21. How to [Get a Desired Result] [In a Short Time Frame]

Example: How to Double Your Sales by This Weekend

22. The Secret of Turning [Some Ordinary Thing] Into [a Desired Result]

Example: The Secret of Turning Your Current Customers into an Amazing Referral Source

23. The Surprising Truth About [Topic]

Example: The Surprising Truth About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

24. The Art and Science of [Getting a Desired Result]

Example: The Art and Science of Consistent Lead Flow

25. The Lazy Person’s Guide to [Getting a Desired Results]

Example: The Lazy Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring Good People

26. How to [Get a Benefit] and [Get Another Benefit]

Example: How to Get a Flood of Customers and Get Them to Bring Their Friends

27. [Get Better Results] By Avoiding These 10 [Topic] Mistakes

Example: Save Time and Money by Avoiding These 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

Next Step

And there you have it: 27 rock-solid ideas for your next $7 report!

All you have to do is spend an afternoon or so creating the report, and you’ll have yourself a nice little money-maker.

But do you want to make it even better?

Why not take that $7 report and turn it into a $197 product!

In fact, I will show you 5 ways to turn any $7 report into a $197+ product or program in my new special report.

And guess what? You can download this report for only $7.00! Nice, right?

=> Click here to download “5 Ways to Turn Any $7 Report Into a $197+ Product or Program”

All my best,

Drew Laughlin

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