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Why Targeting is Everything for Your Sales Funnel

Target Market

If you’re hoping to make money from a sales funnel, then by far the most important thing to consider is your targeting. In other words, how are you ensuring that it’s the right person who is receiving your marketing messages? How are you ensuring that the people who find their way to start of your funnel are the right kinds of customers?

This is called “targeting” and it is actually the difference between making massive money and making no money whatsoever.

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How to Generate Local Leads Like Crazy


One of my best selling and most profitable products for my clients is LeadGenSiteProfits.

The reason is because local businesses ALWAYS need and WANT more leads and customers. When you can use a systematic way to do that for them you can write your own check, so-to-speak!

And that’s why I wanted to tell you about this powerful system for generating leads for your local business clients.

So if you’re ready to tap into a stream of high quality leads that you can sell for $10, $50 or even $300 each to local business owners without having to do the typical rigmarole then keep reading.

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The 7 Highest Paid Consulting Services You Can Offer

7 Highest Profit Services

Ever wondered what services you can offer to your local business clients that will make you the most money? Services that will allow you to collect $5,000 per month… $10,000 per month… Even as much as $15,000 per month from EACH client that hires you? This is all possible when you focus on the 7 […]

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Brand New, Must Have PLR – Local Video Ninja Volume 5

Local Video Ninja

Great News! Matt Boland just released an awesome new set of local lead-generation videos and if you hurry you can get them for less than $1.50 each! => Check Out The Demos Here This is a great set of high-quality done-for-you videos that you can turn around and sell directly to local businesses. You could […]

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27 Ideas for Your Next $7 Report

27 Ideas for Your Next $7 Report

There’s no question that a popular and profitable way to make money online is by selling information products. And one good way to do this is by creating an inexpensive front-end report to pull people into your sales funnel. Once these customers are on your list, then you can sell more products and more expensive […]

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Never Write Crappy Headlines Again

No more crappy headlines

Ever struggle with writing headline for your blog or emails? I always do. Or I create a bunch but none seem to be good enough. Even when I use the templates and swipes from Content Creation Made Easy. Granted using CCME makes things ways easier but sometimes I want to mix things up and just […]

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Youzign 2.0 Review – How to Never use Photoshop or High Priced Designers Again

Youzign Review

I recently invested in a software that is going to allow me to stop using Photoshop and never worry about hiring high priced graphic designers again. Well, Photoshop will always have a place in my business but I’ll admit sometimes I dread opening it up and designing stuff from scratch.

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How to Get People to Read Your Blog


For the past few years there’s been a huge push on the topic of Content Creation and how vital it is to most online businesses. I’ll be honest. I ignored it for a very long time. I didn’t really think it was that important. Until something happened that changed by business mindset forever!

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3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Don’t Use Online Directories and What You Can Do About It


Its amazing to me how many local businesses still haven’t claimed their listing on top online directory sites like Google My Business, Yelp and Just to name a few. From personal experience it comes down to three main reasons.

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Let’s Connect on Social Media


Contrary to many people in the online business I actually like talking and connecting with my customers! So if we haven’t connected on one of the social media sites below please reach out now. Click here for Facebook Click here for YouTube Click here for LinkedIn Click here for Twitter Those are really the only […]

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