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Want to Write Your Own Print Book in 30-Days?


Did you know next month – November – is NaNoWriMo. Which stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. That’s right an actual formal month to write a book.

However, NaNoWriMo is really for fiction writers. Not sure about you that doesn’t interest me much. But what does interest me is writing a book in 30-days that I can use in my business to build credibility and be viewed as the authority and go-to expert in my market!!!

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Why Your Lead-Gen Site Isn’t Generating Calls

Why Doesn't My Phone Ring

I received a question from a local marketing consultant that I thought you might be experiencing too.

In short, he creates lead-gen sites for local service based businesses. He is currently renting this sites for a low monthly fee. No idea what that fee is as he did not elaborate. And while he has these sites ranked high in the search engines they are not generating a lot of phone calls. Continue reading…

Focus On Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals

It’s kind of funny how often I get asked about how I generate clients. Or what’s the best way to get more clients. I always answer the same way. You gotta do three things: Be Seen Be Heard Be an Expert

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How to Overcome the “Send it in the Mail” Blow Off

Overcome the Send in Mail Blow Off

Earlier today I received a great question from a customer that I thought would be helpful to you as well. She is a customer of the Client Getting P.L.A.N. but her question is common among any consultant or solopreneur that has made even just one sales call via the phone.

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3 Reasons Why Lunch-and-Learn Presentations Are So Powerful For Client Generation


Recently we’ve been getting great feedback on our Client Getting P.L.A.N. training course. Mostly because of the power of using Lunch-and-Learn presentations as a client generating tool. There are three key reasons why Lunch-and-Learn presentations are so powerful. Here they are in a nutshell…

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3 Keys to Getting More Clients

3 Keys to Getting More Clients

As consultants, solo-preneurs and independent professionals one of our biggest challenges is getting a consistent flow of clients. Especially when you’re just starting out. Sure we all want to generate leads online. Just imagine, sitting back putting up a website, buying pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to that website and then our phone ringing off […]

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Credibility Tools – Do You Use Them?

Credibility Tools

It’s always been said that having a book – in print not just Kindle – is one of the best ways to create instant credibility. And you know what? I agree 110%!! Since 2009 I have written and published several books. Some under my own name and were Amazon Best Sellers and some under alias […]

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How Autopilot Profits Helped Close a $30k Deal in 48-Hours

Autopilot Profits

Recently we released a new PLR product titled, “Autopilot Profits for the Local Business”. This is a powerful product that shows a local business how traditional marketing is not effective as it used to be and how using email marketing with autoresponders can bring in customers on autopilot. One of our loyal customers put this […]

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What’s the Difference Between Mobile Sites and Responsive Designed Sites?

Mobile Sites vs Responsive

My good friend who happens to be a great customer as well, Dino Iannuzzi of just published a great article on the differences between mobile websites and responsive designed websites. He also talks about which ones you should use. I know that many of my customers are confused by this. And since he already […]

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LGS Sites – Domain or Sub-domain?

LGS Training Video #6

As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover which one kind of URL is best to use: a stand alone domain or a sub-domain. First off what are the differences between the two?

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