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Credibility Tools – Do You Use Them?

Credibility Tools

It’s always been said that having a book – in print not just Kindle – is one of the best ways to create instant credibility. And you know what? I agree 110%!!

Since 2009 I have written and published several books. Some under my own name and were Amazon Best Sellers and some under alias names for niche markets. All of them are top quality and provide me with instant credibility. In fact, when I hand someone one of my books you should see the look on their face! It’s like they totally view me in a completely different way. Continue reading…

How Autopilot Profits Helped Close a $30k Deal in 48-Hours

Autopilot Profits

Recently we released a new PLR product titled, “Autopilot Profits for the Local Business”.

This is a powerful product that shows a local business how traditional marketing is not effective as it used to be and how using email marketing with autoresponders can bring in customers on autopilot.

One of our loyal customers put this product into action and it helped him close a $30,000 deal in less than 48-hours!

Let me share the email he sent to me:
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What’s the Difference Between Mobile Sites and Responsive Designed Sites?

Mobile Sites vs Responsive

My good friend who happens to be a great customer as well, Dino Iannuzzi of just published a great article on the differences between mobile websites and responsive designed websites. He also talks about which ones you should use. I know that many of my customers are confused by this. And since he already […]

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LGS Sites – Domain or Sub-domain?

LGS Training Video #6

As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover which one kind of URL is best to use: a stand alone domain or a sub-domain. First off what are the differences between the two?

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10 Quick Start Lead-Gen Site Niches

LGS Consultant

As part of our ongoing LGS Consultant video training series we cover the 10 niches you can get started with quickly. These 10 niches are certainly not the only ones you can have success with. But since this is one of the most common questions we get asked we thought it would be best to […]

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The Power of Online Directories for Local Businesses


When you want to get a bid on a home improvement project or you need to find someone to fix your furnace what’s your first step? If you’re like me you’ll go online and do a quick search to see what businesses are close. Then you read the reviews to see what others are saying. […]

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Will 2014 Be Your Best Year Ever – Or Will it Be More of The Same?


How committed are you to your business? Have you created your plan for 2014? A content plan, marketing plan, your income plan? Or will you wander aimlessly chasing shiny objects and the next big thing? Am I being harsh? I don’t mean to be. I’ve myself suffered from a lack of planning, not committing myself […]

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Do You Still Think You’re Not in Sales? Think Again!

Sales Training Weekly

Every week I hear from one of my personal coaching clients or there’s a discussion amongst our mastermind members asking various questions about how to get more clients or how to convert more prospects into clients. Most of the time they know the solution. They know the answer. They just need a gentle reminder or […]

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7 Things You Must Do to Maximize Your LGS Site Performance


As part of our ongoing free LGS Consultant video training series we cover the seven things you MUST do to maximize the performance of your LGS sites. No longer can you simply take a pre-made site, load it on a domain and expect it to generate leads. You need to do a few things to […]

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3 Ways to Make Money as an LGS Consultant


Providing a lead generation service for local businesses is a great way to earn income for your marketing consulting practice. There are many ways you can do it. Some better than others. Some are better fits for different personalities and styles. In this free video training lesson I show you the three most common – […]

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